Weather Hotline

Weather Hotline Phone #: 678-726-1116

Call our weather hotline for the most up-to-date information on league or pickup games.

Turf Field Weather Policy: We always play in wet or rainy conditions on our turf fields such as Maynard Jackson HS! For extremely heavy torrential downpours, we may delay games to wait for it to subside. We will also delay games and clear the field temporarily if there is lightning in the area. The manager on site will have more information about on-site delays. If conditions become dangerous or the fields unplayable, SOPFC may cancel, postpone, and/or reschedule activities.

Grass Field Weather Policy: We may cancel events due to rainy or wet conditions on our grass fields such as King Middle School. We will make every effort to give at least two hours notice via email or text alerts (for leagues, if you opted in for text messaging) if we need to cancel due to weather.

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